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Cturtle uses AI to match career focused courses with exceptional and diverse students globally.

Attract Exceptional Students & Help Them Succeed Globally

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Cturtle helps universities attract students and supports their graduates and alumni to achieve their career goals.

Student Attraction using AI

Cturtle helps students find the best course for their global career. Cturtle uses intention, matching, and chatbot AI technologies to recommend courses to students to achieve their career goals and start their journey as global talent, through their education marketplace Career Courses

Graduate & Alumni Success using AI

Cturtle solves the “who you know” problem for university graduates by introducing them to potential employers and alumni, growing their professional networks to help them get a “foot in the door,” and the right introduction to the best graduate job, through their Graduate Success platform JOB+

Case Studies

International Graduate Employment - USA The project was to support the graduate employment outcomes for 500 international students and graduates by introducing their profiles to potential employers and alumni worldwide. We identified 7,000 alumni and 25,000 potential employers related to their studies, desired industry and locations and promoted the student and alumni profiles resulting in over 200+ profile views per student/alumni and employer interviews for 70% of the students/alumni.

International Postgraduate Student Recruitment - Canada The project was to support the postgraduate student recruitment for specialized masters program for a leading business school with the goal of attracting a diversified exceptional student cohort. We identified 22,000 high potential student profiles delivered a direct message marketing campaign resulting in 3X improvement of Cost Per Enrollment with the desired student diversity goals achieved.

Education Partners include: upGrad, KAPLAN, 2U, University of Toronto, University of Buffalo, John Carrol University, RMIT, Fourth Rev, Immerse Education, Emeritus, Pearson, IE University, Aalto University and Apply Board.

Our Service

  • Track Alumni

    Track the employment outcomes of your international graduates and alumni around the world.
  • Identify & Engage Future Students

    Identify and engage future students using AI and alumni employment data globally.
  • Student Leads & Marketing

    Attract future international students connecting your courses with clear employment outcomes.
  • Employer Connections

    Connect your international graduates and alumni with local and global hiring managers and recruiters at top companies globally.
  • Student Success

    Our JOB+ platform uses AI and employment data to improve student success introducing graduates and alumni with hiring managers and recruiters globally.
  • Industry Partner Connections

    Connect with industry partners to keep your courses relevant and up to date.
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    International Alumni

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    Jobs Advertised

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