Blockchain Instructor: Smart Contract Development

  • Full Time
  • Canada
  • Posted 2 years ago


CodeCast is a learning platform and community for coders where creators cast their coding projects and educational series via Livecasting, recordings and codesharing without changing workflow or learning complex streaming or editing software.

We are looking to hire a Solidity Software Developer to create unique coding content on CodeCast. You enjoy continuous learning and stretching your skills to become a better developer while passionately sharing what you learn with others. You are comfortable communicating via audio, video and text on different social platforms such as CodeCast, YouTube,, Twitter and other media as needed.

Required Skills:

  • Teaching skills and passionate about teaching others
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Experience developing Solidity smart contracts.
  • EIP721, EIP1155, EIP712, EIP2535 (Diamond standard).
  • Experience in a DevOps environment (blockchain).
  • Knowledgeable about gas optimization tradeoffs and security best practices.
  • Experience Deploying actual smart contracts that have seen public use (in TVL, middleware, governance, DAOs, NFTs) on Ethereum Mainnet, or other EVM chains

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