Business Training Operation Expert


Ecommerce’s Governance and Experience(GNE) is a global team responsible for ensuring our marketplace is safe and trustworthy for not only users but also sellers and creators. We value user satisfaction and work on policies, rules, and systems to ensure quality. As the Anti-fraud analyst, you will be responsible for building, improving, and monitoring business processes that detect and prevent fraudulent activities in various scenarios including transactions, KYC, and seller-creator affiliation.


1. Be able to build a bilingual course training and examination system based on the business development of the e-commerce governance and service team to improve the newcomers’ understanding of the business´╝Ť

2. Plan the team building activities, culture construction, and organization welfare of the global team to enhance cohesion.


1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. More than 3 years working experience, with experience in training, e-commerce operation, project operation, education industry operation, familiar with training industry and business process, strong data analysis and processing skills, able to effectively evaluate the training effect;

3. Adaptable, strong learning ability, highly motivated, with experience in operations and management;

4. Fluent in Chinese and English, overseas working and study experience is preferred.

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