Consulting Internship

Frost & Sullivan

At Frost & Sullivan you will have numerous growth opportunities and experiences available to you. As an intern at Frost & Sullivan, you will be part of a dynamic, global team that strives for excellence in work and social engagements. The average person spends most of their adult lives at work, yet few feel that their contributions are important or that they are being challenged. As an intern at Frost & Sullivan, you will be encouraged to develop your intellectual curiosity, will learn to leverage visionary innovation to address the global challenges of collapse, disruption, transformation and be provided the ability to collaborate across various levels of the company.


    • Carrying out secondary research tasks for both internal company use and client projects.
    • Engaging in primary research-level interviews.
    • Creation of project materials (Slides, Excel, Word documents etc.)
    • Market research including market size estimation, company-focused analysis.
    • Translation tasks for global clientele.
    • Project management on a global scale, under the supervision of F&S consultants.
    • Conduct national and global scales of primary and secondary research with top level consultants globally.
    • Critically evaluate, summarize and draw strategic conclusions from a wide variety of data and resources.

During th e internship p eriod, you will be exposed t o these areas:

      • Research methodologies.
      • Data analysis and report writing.
      • Business presentation skills.
      • Primary secondary research.

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