Content Specialist


Job Description:
● Responsible for all content in online & offline channels to drive traffic, engagement and acquire new merchants.
● Build, manage and execute content strategy (including text and visuals) that attracts target audiences, including offline & online channels.
● Develop a plan & strategy to build and maintain programs and activities that will have a positive impact on the community.
● Develop community initiatives (included social media for Facebook community & Zalo & Tiktok);
● Experience that effectively supports and is aligned with business and marketing objectives.
● Research and analyze customer behaviors/ competitor activities to propose related content campaigns for higher engagement and conversion.
● Understand best practices of digital channels and stay updated on B2B and e-commerce industry trends.
● Adhere to the internal policies and procedures to ensure brand image, as well as to ensure consistency with company brand voice, style, and tone.

● Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Communication, Marketing, or related field.
● 1-2 years of experience as a copywriter/ content executive for agencies/ client side.
● Experience in Communications, PR or Marketing, investor, B2B, e-retail
● Understanding different language styles that appeal to various target markets included English
● Familiarity with commonly used style guides
● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
● Clear, concise and grammatically correct writing style
● Self-motivated and well organized
● Good sense of social listening to catch the latest trends
● Good in English is a must
● Experience with web content and search engine optimization (advantage)

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