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About the job

About Greenpeace / MindworksLab:

Greenpeace is an independent, non-profit, global campaigning organization with a presence in over 55 countries, that exposes global environmental problems and fosters positive changes through research, lobbying and engagement. Greenpeace has been in East Asia since 1997 to fight climate change, stop toxic pollution, ensure food security, end illegal deforestation and defend the oceans.

Mindworks, a part of Greenpeace, is an innovation lab currently based in Greenpeace East Asia that researches cognitive and social sciences and translates insights into practical tools built for changemakers. They focus on audience research, campaign strategy, and engagement design. They co-create with organizations, teams, and changemakers, working to shift the hearts and minds of people in order to create mindset, power, or structural change in complex social and environmental issues such as the climate crisis, polarization, social unrest or especially during times when societies are impacted by crisis.

About the Role:

This Design Research Manager role is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing effective digital research and designing human centered tools to translate cognitive science insights into successful engagement.

The key role is to drive innovations that combine cutting edge cognitive insights with fast-evolving digital technologies in order to create digital spaces in which changemakers and their audiences can meet, converse, work, and at a large scale. Spaces in which conversation and shared experiences can shift narratives and norms, create new identities, and empower people to manage difficult feelings like grief, anxiety, or guilt.

Key Responsibilities:

Audience Empathetic Research

  • Design Audience Empathetic Research to enable the design of effective engagement tools.
  • Develop audience research tools that allow changemakers to orient quickly in the early phase of a disruption.
  • Design research that provides data that can be used publicly to help changemakers to engage with audiences to shift their mindsets.
  • Design research that provides data allowing us to understand the mindset shifts, especially shifts in narratives, norms, values, identities, and emotions within an audience.
  • Design research that allows changemakers to monitor their impact on the mindset of their audiences.

Creating Tools and Spaces in the Digital World

  • Design digital spaces in which changemakers can stimulate conversations with their audiences or conversations between different members of their audiences.
  • Design scalable conversations in the digital space.
  • Design community spaces in which changemakers can co-create and support each other.
  • Design community spaces that allow for conversations on difficult emotions like grief, guilt, or anxiety.
  • Design community spaces and digital tools to support changemakers and communities to recover from disasters, build resilience, and foster mitigation.
  • Create tools and strategies to empower changemakers to counter trolling and fake news.
  • Create effective interfaces between these spaces and the physical world to catalyze system change.

Training and Coaching

  • Design and support training to empower changemakers to use the designed research, tools and spaces.
  • Develop self-learning spaces to enable changemakers to engage and learn the insights and tools developed by Mindworks.

Teamwork and Workflow

  • Mindworks works as an “agile” team following a Scrumming framework. The position is expected to take on roles as a member of the scrum team, product owner, or scrum master. S/he, they are required to participate in sprint design, standup meetings review, and retrospective.
  • As a member of the Mindworks team, the Design Research Manager will be involved in deciding which projects Mindworks will prioritize and how Mindworks’ resources are spent.


  • Taking pride and initiative in developing Mindworks’ vision and mission and shaping the future of the organization inside and outside of Greenpeace.
  • Building and leading a growing team of staff and freelancers. Ensuring that they can participate in the design of how Mindworks empowers changemakers around the world.

Does this sound like you?

  • 5+ years of relevant experience in digital audience research and community space design.
  • Experience in social media listening and digital community/space design and in working with design thinking methodologies.
  • Experience in designing human centered research and tools for audience empathetic research or conversation-based engagement.
  • Familiar with cutting-edge digital technologies to create digital spaces.
  • Driven by curiosity with the ability to take risks and experiment to create innovation.
  • Eager to use personal skills to advance solutions to improve life on this planet.
  • Enjoys working in a startup driven to contribute to fast growth and increased impact.
  • Self starter who can independently lead and drive projects.
  • Shares the team values of mutual support and shared responsibilities.
  • Willing to work remotely in a team that is distributed through multiple countries with some flexibility on working hours.
  • A good sense of humor, enjoys the opportunities and challenges of a multicultural team and partners.
  • Living in Asia, Africa, or Europa.
  • Speaks fluent English as a working language.

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