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POSITION TITLE: Engineering Process Lead


The Process Engineer Lead is responsible for designing, implementing, controlling, and optimizing our industrial processes.


1. Understanding the current CI initiatives in Engineering and company-wide

  • The current processes and Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives at Evans
  • The current processes and CI initiatives within the engineering team

2. Key member of outlining our Companywide SharePoint implementation

  • Knowledge Management – develop the framework for Knowledge management which we currently define as Work Instructions, Process Maker 4 workflow diagrams and screens, other sub workflows, and Training Materials.
  • Document Management – develop the framework for Document Management, which we define as the current Engineering documentation process and the “P Drive” where all project-related documentation is stored.

3. Focus on Engineering

  • Develop specific processes for the Engineering Team (Design and Modeling)
  • Develop a plan for documenting the processes:
  • Identify current processes that work well within the teams
  • Identify gaps or opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop a process-orientated mindset within the Design and Modeling team with an emphasis on process adherence, accountability, and clear communication.

Works closely with other groups to understand and leverage process improvement opportunities both upstream and downstream.

  • Process Development, Documentation, and Improvement; Ongoing focus on development and improving design processes, both internally and as part of the broader organizational process flow. Specific focus on visualization, documentation, and training
  • Design Role Within the Organization; Be proactive in promoting the Design department within the organization in terms of support & training. Conversely, understand what other stakeholders need from design and use this as a basis for ongoing department output improvement.
  • Developing a Design-Driven Mindset; While delivering the right solution for our customers is our overarching objective, it is Design’s responsibility to do so in the most efficient way for the organization. This means that Design needs to be able to push back on other groups in the cases where information is insufficient to execute the design in a timely fashion or may pose a design liability or product performance issue.


  • Builds and manages relationships with internal teams and stakeholders.
  • Promotes and demonstrates effective teamwork, communication, and workflow between internal and external partners.


  • Education in a technical field (Engineering or Manufacturing) with experience in manufacturing-based operations
  • Experience in Design to manufacturing environments, preferably in a high mix low volume operation.
  • Experience in bringing new products to design and manufacturing as well as optimizing and streamlining existing products.


  • Understanding and experience in working with quality management systems and lean environments
  • Recognize product structuring and the ability to categorize solutions into standard, parametric and custom configurations while maintaining the maximum amount of parts commonality and established standards to develop unique, project-specific configurations.
  • Experience in developing, implementing, and maintaining process management principles.
  • Experience in using 3D-based engineering design tools as well as advanced manufacturing including CAD/CAM, database-driven engineering to manufacturing tools and file management


  • Excellent communications skills and the ability to provide consistent and confident leadership for the department
  • Ability to communicate with other business stakeholders such as manufacturing, sales, and project management
  • Clearly define goals and objectives for all aspects of the organization through a structured communication process
  • Be a leader who is visible, accessible and provides coaching to encourage a lifelong training
  • Relentless customer focus, both internal and external; effective communication of departmental needs to the rest of the organization as well as the ability to continuously evolve the departmental deliverables to best serve the needs of its immediate and broader customers.
  • Continuous involvement and understanding of Design operations and the daily and long-term impact on the organization.
  • Ability to drive continuous improvement within the Engineering department and be open to receiving feedback from other groups to continually drive positive change
  • Achieving results by consistently meeting your commitments both within the departments and with others in the organization.

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