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Global Product Merchant / In-House

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At LOJEL, we’re obsessed with improving the way we carry. From a quick outing to meet friends in the city, to long journeys in far away places, there’s lots of room for improving the way we carry what matters to us. We’re looking for people who love the way carry intersects with movement, and who are motivated to make things better with our team.

LOJEL is looking for a Global Product Merchant responsible for identifying the problems that are worth solving – helping to achieve business goals through research, product strategy, and product marketing.

In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to join a budding international team and use your critical thinking to translate the latest consumer insights and cultural trends from around the world into thoughtful, and sustainable carry products for modern life. Your strategic and creative insights will define product concepts, product design, and product marketing strategies.

This position reports directly to the Chief Product Officer.


• Extract valuable insights from diverse research inputs and translate these into an innovative, customer-centric product strategy.

• Achieve business targets through product strategy, products, and product marketing.

• Maintain knowledge of key competitors across multiple product categories, and countries, with an understanding of their underlying strengths and weaknesses.

• Empathize and understand the brand audience, championing their needs and perspective, and connect this to execution of LOJEL’s brand promise.

• Articulate a business case and execute the brand’s promise in a clear and creative way, validating the key assumptions with research and insights.

• Measure and assess product performance, extracting insights and executing improvements regularly.

• Detect emerging trends and changing values in multiple countries that are shaping the global mood in the social, cultural, economic and environmental spheres.

• Understand what makes the global consumer tick, knowing they want more from brands than just products or services.

• Align new products or services with the expectations of the LOJEL consumer, positioning these in a way that is easy to understand, and clearly relevant to current needs.

• Look beyond LOJEL’s existing product categories and seek out references, conversations, and cues from other categories or markets to inform future growth.

• Keep track of customer pain points, goals and motivations, using strategies like Jobs-To-Be-Done, among others, to crystallize insights.

• Build and maintain an effective customer feedback loop.

• Set the pricing and gross-margin strategy for all products.

• Own the creation and validation of an outcome-driven, annual product roadmap along with individual project briefs.

• Define key brand and business tasks and work with the Product Ops Team to ensure successful product launches.

• Curate the LOJEL product identity (aesthetics, UX, product philosophy) that drives differentiation and conveys the brand’s core values.

• Conceive of an informed approach to material and product innovation, looking past simple gimmicks and fusing design and technology in a compelling way that moves the brand and business forward.

• Effectively communicate across the organization, maintaining appropriate transparency, and excelling in collaboration.


• Is an organized and critical thinker, with an ability to see the big picture and tackle complex problems in a methodical and organized manner.

• Has a truly global mindset, being able to work with a multicultural team as well as empathize with the needs of consumers in a broad spectrum of cultures.

• Has a knack for communicating and inspiring people.

• Excels in thinking strategically and creatively, with a strong aesthetic sensibility.

• Has a positive, resilient and flexible approach to adapting the business strategy in a dynamic times.

• Has a technical sensibility, with a passion for understanding new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes.

• Enjoys challenges, problem-solving, and self-development

• Is passionate about culture, travel, mental health, sustainability, human rights, technology, arts, entertainment

• Thrives in a fast paced startup environment and embraces adapting to changing needs

• Understands the importance of EQ, empathy, and active listening in the workplace and community

• Loves drilling down into data and extracting insights to better inform decision making

• Wants to grow in their career in creating innovative products.


As part of the strategic arm of the LOJEL Product Team you’ll closely collaborate with the designers, developers as well as the Brand Team. You’ll also interact with external collaborators depending on the project needs.


· Competitive Salary

· Medical Insurance

· 20 Days Annual Leave

· Multiple free LOJEL products per year

· LOJEL friends & family discounts year round


• Native Fluency in English (being multilingual is a plus)

• Bachelor Degree in related field

• Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in Product Management or Product Merchandising

• Ability to work in-house in an office environment

• Proven track record of leveraging research and data to create innovative and successful products.

• Comfortable with Slack, Asana, G-Suite.

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