Manager, Retail Planning & Analysis (DA)

Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania

Position Summary

  • Maximize sell-outs by working with the dealers on store level.
  • Strengthen profit-based upselling of premium products by optimizing SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) for each store.
  • Minimize faulty products and obsolete inventory through store’s inventory management.

Role And Responsibilities

  • [Project management] Manage the progress and performance of collaborative tasks for retailers, subsidiaries and HQ by phase.
  • [Retailer engagement] Understand the pain points of the retailers by analyzing store sales data and plan countermeasures to drive collaboration with retailers.
  • [Retail mapping] Check to identify the retailers having the highest growth potential to achieve the maximum return on investment.
  • [SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) optimization] Optimize SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) by premium, setup and mass product by using retail mapping and considering store sales characteristics.
  • [Store inventory management (stockout, obsolete inventory management)] Optimize SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) by premium and mass product with retailers by using retail mapping and considering store sales characteristics to differentiate premium/setup/entry products.

Skills And Qualifications

  • Has a wide range of experience, uses professional concepts and company objectives to resolve complex issues in creative and effective ways
  • Works on complex issues where analyzing situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variables. Exercises judgement in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation criteria to obtain results. Determines methods and procedures on new assignments and coordinates other’s tasks
  • May manage a group such as coordinating activities regarding costs, methods and staffing
  • Typically requires at least 8 years of related experience and a Bachelor’s degree; or 6 years and a Master’s degree; or a PhD with 3 years

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