Marketing & Community Manager



Minimum 5 years experience with customer experience, within a retail multi-tenant property
Minimum 5 years experience retail or commercial lease and customer experience
Experience in commercial agenda including marketing, branding, event planning and communication

What You’ll Be Doing Day To Day

Drive the development of customer experience to support the Meeting Place and enable it to provide enjoyable, memorable and personalized customer experiences before, during and after the visit, both online and offline

Provide outstanding customer services together with partners and communities in order to make the customer journey convenient and relevant

Define commercials goals, marketing strategy and budgeting process and create, sustain and work with the commercial calendar in order to drive brand and loyalty programs and online-community via social media

Monitor and analyze performance and customer interaction level with our customer touchpoints and find potential areas for improvements of both customer satisfaction and income with putting both the offline customer feedbacks (through Info desk, MP staff) and online customer reviews (social media, research) into action to improve the Meeting Place performance

Support the new business opportunities and income streams as well as developing the communication with our customers

Plan, Create and integrate promotion of events/campaign/marketing activities into all medias, including promotion via digital tools. Follow up on marketing operations. Manage and update website and social Medias. Communicate and cooperate with local agencies


Together with IKEA Retail and Ingka Investments, Ingka Centres is part of Ingka Group.

As a long-term partner of IKEA, we share our vision, our culture, and our values, while what makes our businesses different is the way we fulfil our vision. If the idea of IKEA is to create a better life at home, we work hard to create a better everyday life outside of the home by developing virtual and physical meeting places where people can meet shop and connect with their communities.

Our new Meeting Place is located at 945 Market Street in lively downtown San Francisco. We are creating a unique concept that will be a mix of retail offer, office space, food & beverage, entertainment and digital experiences. Market Street is known for its shops, restaurants, hotels, and nearby offices. Ultimately by redeveloping this building, we will, together with IKEA, create a new meeting place for this exciting neighborhood in San Francisco.

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