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Empire Flippers

What’s the Opportunity?

Becoming a Marketing Specialist will put you in a critical role at EF Capital.

You’ll be joining a very fast-paced team in a high-growth environment. The work will be challenging and you may find yourself wearing several different hats along the way.

While we have the support and backing of a larger established company and brand, it’s not wrong to say this will compare closely to a rapidly growing startup in the financial services sector.

Your work ethic and skill-set will have a direct impact on our growth. You’ll gain access to our Rolodex, receive direct training, mentorship, and support, and gain valuable insights into the online business space that no course could ever teach you.

You’ll be working right away with savvy investors, successful entrepreneurs running dozens or hundreds of sites, and portfolio owners and management teams running global product brands.

Do you want a seat at the table? A real shot to be a leader and have a voice in a fast-growing industry?

If we’re a good fit for each other, that’s exactly what you’ll get with this position.

What’s This Marketing Specialist Position Like?

While you can expect to work hard and wear many different hats, we’re not terribly corporate. Empire Flippers has been an INC 5000 company for a number of years, but we’re completely bootstrapped, have no board to answer to, and are focused on results, not politics.

You’ll find much of the same at EF Capital.

When you first come on board as a Marketing Specialist, you will start learning more about our industry before jumping into the job. First, you will learn about the different types of online businesses available for sale on Empire Flippers. Then you will learn about EF Capital. You will become well versed in all of our processes, from how investments are structured down to the intricacies of business acquisitions. You will learn about what each department in the company does and whom to work with to accomplish your projects.

Once you have the basics down, you will start working with our team, contractors, and customers directly. This is not a sales role but you will spend a significant amount of time collaborating with others and must be very comfortable jumping on calls and collaborating with other team members when needed. You will wear many different hats and will need to prioritize projects based on urgency and importance.

You might be wondering, though … What will your daily work routine really look like once you’re up and going?

While you will work on many different things and each day could look different from the next, here is an example of potential tasks:

  • Test and manage successful marketing campaigns across different channels (paid and organic, referral and affiliate, social media, collaborations, etc.)
  • Track all marketing metrics across the funnel and implement audience segmentation
  • Set the content calendar and own the creation of marketing collateral (by writing and managing writers)
  • Work with in-house writers and contractors to produce creative assets; set timelines, budgets, and project plans
  • Work closely with Sales and the rest of the team to figure out ways to improve our existing process and create a better experience for both investors and operators
  • Review other investment platforms regularly to ensure we are staying competitive
  • Funnels – ideally experience with creating and improving funnels

What Skills Are Needed?

We believe in hiring people who are a good fit with us culturally. We want people who are hungry to learn, but also people that will be fun to work with.

However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for a certain kind of skill-set.

You must have an affinity for marketing. You have either worked as a marketing specialist previously or are actively learning about digital marketing. You also enjoy a writing challenge and are able to distill complex financial ideas into simple language. Any background in e-commerce or online business is also helpful. However, we are looking to train the right person, so if you don’t have that experience, don’t let it stop you from applying.

You’re a problem solver. You will face obstacles and challenges. It will be up to you to make sure those challenges are met head-on and solved for all parties in the deal. You have diehard organizational skills and are able to set and adhere to deadlines.

You need to be a team player. You’ll be working closely with multiple teams and contractors. You need to be good at communicating your thoughts and getting buy-in from colleagues. Having a deadline focus and being able to knock down barriers to getting stuff done is essential to thrive on our team.

You’re excited about expanding the EF Capital brand. We love hiring people that are passionate about the online business industry. We want you to be on board with our mission, participate in industry conversations, and get people excited about working with us.

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