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Our teachers should be professional teachers, people who are genuine about education, people who love to work with children and get great satisfaction working with children. We are looking for teachers who are eager to expand their career in education, people who are looking to grow. Our teachers are loving, caring and genuinely interested in children. They like to interact with children be they their own students or others. Our teachers are not afraid of letting their hair down, getting dirty and hands on with the kids. Our teachers are open to new concepts, to new ideas to new methodologies and are generally open to learning and keen to learn.

Our teachers are organised, meticulous and perfectionists. They take pride in the work and they understand the need for excellence and they strive for this in everything they do.

Our teachers become the best teachers and they become very proud of what they do and have achieved.


  1. Teach approx. 25 hours per week (give and take)

    1. Unlike every other centre, we cap our teachers teaching hours for the sake of quality, passion and having enough energy to ensure each class is awesome

    2. We don’t state that in the contract as it reduces the centre’s ability to be flexible to accommodate for situations. However, all our centre managers do well to keep the teaching hours to 25 or under during regular term time. During the summer programme (our peak season between mid July to the end of August), you should expect to teach 28 hours (give and take). Most teachers find that if taken an average over a period like 3 months, their hours are within the informal cap.

  2. Student journalling

  3. Report writing

  4. Meeting with your centre manager to account for every single one of your students

  5. Updating parents periodically

  6. Attend meetings

  7. Planning for special events

  8. Participate in continuous professional development


  1. Native English Speaker (A clear, general accent such as Received Pronunciation for British English or General American English is preferred; while heavy regional accents will not be acceptable)

  2. Teaching qualification of at least 100 hours TEFL / TESOL.
    NB: Immigration department of Hong Kong will not approve your visa application if you do not have this as a minimum.

  3. Excellent spoken, written and grammar skills.

  4. University Undergraduate Bachelor Degree or higher.

  5. Confidence – able to present oneself to parents confidently.

  6. Presentable – you look like a professional teacher.

  7. Experience (though we may consider candidates with less experience).

  8. Able to work with a range of children’s ages, from the ages of 3 to 12.

  9. Team player – you can work with colleagues smoothly.

  10. Positive CAN DO! attitude.

  11. Problem solver – NOT PROBLEM PRESENTER.

  12. Able to work independently.

  13. Able to work to deadlines.

  14. Accountable, responsible person who accounts for their work.

  15. Loves children! Finds them cute, finds them funny and enjoys interacting with them.


  • Full Visa Sponsorship
  • Full training
  • Continual professional development
  • Appraisals and professional development
  • Orientation programme
  • Competitive incremental salary​
  • 14 days paid annual leave
  • 16 – 18 paid public holidays​
  • Social network connection

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