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Freelance tutoring opportunity for college students, graduates, and professionals!

Course Hero is an online platform that connects tutors, educators, and students globally. We help our students on our platform with their homework and other academic needs. Our tutors are compensated by helping our students in answering their questions in a text-based form.

Role & Responsibility

Leverage your content knowledge to answer questions in your subject-matter domain and help over 10 million students. By signing up as a Course Hero tutor, you agree to work as an independent freelancer. That means there’s no employer and employee relationship between you and Course Hero. So, you get paid only for answering students’ questions and have the flexibility and freedom to do this work whenever and wherever you like!

Tutoring on Course Hero is quite unique and one of a kind. It’s not the typical face-to-face video tutoring that you are familiar with. Tutors on Course Hero teach by providing text-based answers. It provides a lot of impact especially for students having a hard time with their academics. At the same time, you can earn up to $15 per question. In applying to become a tutor on Course Hero, you’ll get to pick subjects that you’re most comfortable and knowledgeable about and start helping students in your own way.


  • Work from home
  • No voice or video calls, purely text-based tutoring
  • No resumes/CVs/cover letter needed.
  • Flexible time — earn supplemental income while pursuing your degree/career.
  • Earn $1500 per month!

We are currently looking for tutors/experts for the following subjects:

Priority subjects:

  • Math – Other, Statistics and Probability
  • English, English Literature, Writing, Communications
  • Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, US History
  • Computer Science, Python Programming
  • Anatomy, Health Science, Nursing
  • Business – Other, Accounting, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Finance, Management, Marketing

*As of March 2022


  • Fluent in written English
  • At least a college student (At least 3rd Year/Dean’s Lister/Scholar) with the following documents: Proof of Education (Diploma, TOR, Online copy of grades); Valid Photo Identification card; Selfie with the Photo Identification card
  • College graduates and licensed professionals are a plus!
  • No work or teaching background/experience is needed.


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*Please note, subjects selected are not guaranteed to be approved and terms may change along the way. If ever you cannot select your subjects upon application, you can always come back to your account to check subjects that are available. We also discourage multiple applications per person.


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