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Founded in 2019, Drinkizz is a private company, headquartered in Singapore. We are an innovative company providing the market with the world‘s first Organic Natural Energy (O.N.E) drink.

We created a new concept: Organic Natural Energy from Organic farm to Smart can. We believe that in a complex and tense world, it is important to eat and drink properly to strengthen the immune system and conserve positive energy for long-term health.

Drinkizz applies “data digitization and Blockchain technology” to make all data transparent from input ingredients, factories to product recycling. With O.N.E drink, you know exactly what you are consuming from organic ingredients at the farm to nutrition facts on your body.

Our vision is simple and strong, to be a caring company for better Positive Energy of our customers, our employees and actors in the organic digital value chain, in particular the farmers who work hard for organic agriculture. We act locally and think globally to help this world be more fair and sustainable

In 2022, we will expand our business, so we need to build a talented team to co-create and share core values.



We are looking for an experienced Operations Manager with the following scope of work:

  • Managing the Company’s daily quarterly and annual operating budget, effectively controlling costs and forecasting the Company’s financial resources. Ability to analyze differences between strategic and operating budgets for the Board of Directors…
  • Managing and supervising strictly purchasing activities of the Company. Coordinating to support internal departments to negotiate, check external services to ensure that the requirements of valuable goods are met at the best price.
  • Manage HR-related administrative tasks including: recruitment, evaluation, training and development roadmap of personnel in the company in accordance with the operating plan of the CEO. Lead, motivate, build a safe and reliable environment for members to strive for the goals of each department and the whole Company
  • Support the work of the Executive Board when required. Reporting directly to the CEO and is primarily responsible for developing high-quality internal communications and practices.

Details of the duties will be provided to you during the interview.

Work Experience:

  • 5 years of experience in the position of Operations Manager, or Human Resource Manager. Graduated from the University of Economics, Finance, and Business Administration.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with digital data analysis skills, understanding financial statements or candidates with knowledge of French culture is a plus.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills, negotiation, and critical thinking. Adaptability and flexibility, willingness to change.


  • Net Salary Range 25,000,000 – 30,000,000 VND / month
  • Performance-based salary increase, annual performance bonus, stock ESOP benefits
  • Drinkizz provides the necessary tools, internal training courses – advanced training and a professional, innovative and creative working environment.

To apply for this job please visit job-plus.co.

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