Safety Specialist

AB&I Foundry


Safety Specialist provides coaching and education to inform, guide, enforce and comply with safety standards in support of the health and welfare of our team members, customers, and products.

BENEFIT: 60-80K, possibly up to 100K for someone with a CSP certification.


  1. By 2/14/21: 100% of procedures in place (LOTO, JSA, Confined space)
  2. Corrective Action Plans to Incidents completed within 7 days of the reported incident
  3. Training of ALL people in the foundry complete by 2/14/21
  4. Any outstanding incident reports, near misses all up to date and completed
  5. 360 review are 4.0 or higher from the 10 cross-functional community
  6. 30% reduction in LTIR and WC claims within 1st year of executing this role
  7. Reduce injury rate by 30%


  1. Boots on the Floor (40%) –Maintaining consistent and regular presence in the Plant. Demonstrate partnership with the Plant Manager and a united commitment to Safety. Actively lead investigations by meeting with superintendents, supervisors, and associates to gather all information before taking action.  Taking immediate action with any observed unsafe behaviors and identified hazards.
  2. Directing and Accounting for Workflow (30%) – Achieve results through the team by allocating team resources based upon skill and capacity. Keep the pulse on each team member and their assignments.  Support the team by advocating for and providing resources, removing obstacles and staying informed of progress. Create a culture of accountability by holding yourself, your team, and others accountable in a consistent manner.
  3. Train, Develop, And Coach the Team (10%): Build team talent by providing coaching, sharing of expertise and knowledge. Continually seek opportunities for experiences and assignments that stretch each person’s capabilities to build knowledge and skill.  Provide access to additional training resources as needed.
  4. Safety Specialist (5%) – Serve as the Subject Matter Expert for Safety to the team and the organization.  Seek opportunities to share specialized knowledge as needed and raise the level of awareness and knowledge in the organization.  Continually seek opportunities to advance your own knowledge for the benefit of the organization.

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