Test Engineer, Autonomous Vehicles

Company Bio: 
Venti is the global leader in the $175 billion AV logistics hubs market. Founded in 2018 with technology developed in MIT professor Rus’ lab, we develop, sell and deploy software systems for driverless vehicles in ports, factories, warehouses and communities.
Venti gives customers a clear value proposition: Removing drivers saves multiple driver-shift costs, increases vehicle utilization by 15%+, and significantly improves safety. This translates to savings per vehicle-year of $150,000 – $220,000 in the US and $60,000 – $90,000 in Asia. 
Our powerful strategic partners are pathways for explosive growth.
    • AV Container Movers for ports with PSA, the most respected port operator in the world with 60 ports under management
    • AV Tug Trailer systems with SAIC Anji Logistics, the largest automotive logistics company in the world
    • Small last-mile vehicles with Seedland, a large real estate developer and operator

The company benchmarked #1 in the world in Perception tech – the core of autonomy – in 2020.

Our powerful autonomy system has powered 12 different vehicle types. We beat the competition in cost and quality: new vehicle deployment within a week, area mapping in a morning, factor of five cost reduction for sensors and hardware.
About the job:
  • Min. Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science or Engineering or Relevant Fields
  • Min. 2 years’ experience with Linux
  • Min. 2 years’ experience with Robotics Operating System (ROS)
  • Proven experience in C++, Python and/or Bash Script
  • Proven experience developing and maintaining test cases for autonomous function modules
  • Proven experience writing test reports
  • Proven experience carrying out test and data logging on test processes

Location: Remote | Singapore | Hong Kong | China | United States | can be anywhere to work remotely 

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