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We Believe

We believe that education is a right that advances learning and scholarship, fosters understanding and respect among people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives and is essential for developing a globally competent workforce.


Our Vision

Our vision is a peaceful, equitable world enriched through shared educational experiences, employment mobility with greater understanding between people and cultures through meaningful careers. 


Our Guiding Philosophy

We are in the business of hopes and dreams, helping people worldwide access the education they hope for and the employment outcomes they dream about. Through big data and AI, we believe we can make the right introductions at the right time to education and employment opportunities solving talent and skills gaps globally.

Tracking and Engaging Global Talent Leveraging Big-Data and AI

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Cturtle provides solutions for tracking and engaging global talent and alumni through strategic corporate, government, and university partnerships leveraging big data and AI.

There is a global talent shortage with estimated 84M candidate shortfall by 2030 that will cost the global economy US$8.5 trillion.

Cturtle has built AI platforms at three pivotal stages of the global talent journey.

(1) Course Selection - Getting the right advice on what to study to achieve their global career goals is the critical first step for global talent.

We built Career Courses

(2) First Job - Getting the right introduction to solve the “who you know” problem for recent graduates is critical for first-job success.

We built JOB+

(3) Global Employment - Getting the right global job opportunity, visa, and immigration pathway is critical to solving global talent shortages.

We built iGlobal Talent

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