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Cturtle helps companies attract and retain exceptional and high demand talent globally.

Attract and Retain Exceptional and High Demand Global Talent

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Cturtle uses AI to identify, attract and retain exceptional and high demand global talent.

"Sea Turtle" is an affectionate name for international alumni, who have studied abroad as international students and returned to home countries after graduation.

They are bi-lingual, cross cultural and educated at top universities in North America, Australia, Europe/UK and Asia.

Cturtle uses AI to help companies connect with internationally educated and high-demand candidates globally, from fresh graduates through to experienced alumni with postgraduate degrees from the best universities in the world.

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Case Studies

Global Talent Attraction - Global Subject Matter Experts The project objective involved identifying and engaging with top-tier Global Subject Matter Experts as per client specifications to promote their employment opportunities. This was achieved through a targeted outreach strategy of direct messaging to 90,000 unique and diverse global talent profiles.

Cturtle helps you attract and retain exceptional and high demand candidates globally.

Global Talent Attraction - Autonomous Vehicle Ph.D. (Singapore) The project objective was to identify and engage top-tier Autonomous Vehicle Technology Ph.D. holders as directed by the client and promote their employment opportunities through direct messages to 55,000 global talent profiles.

Employer Partners include: Venti, upGrad, KPMG, KOTO, Grok, Micron, TODD Associates, Adeptic...

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  • Advertise A Job

    Post a job through our network of job boards that connects your opportunities with graduates and alumni from over 1K universities around the world.
  • Search Candidates

    Search candidate profiles who are open to new work opportunities, from local candidates to remote workers globally.
  • Create Your Company Profile

    Let us help you with employer branding and letting exceptional talent learn more about your company and culture.
  • Candidate Sourcing

    We use AI and alumni employer data to identify, engage and attract exceptional candidates to your company.
  • University Partnerships

    Our market network can help you connect with universities looking for industry partnerships.
  • Exceptional Talent

    Are you looking for exceptional talent from the Top 50 universities in the world? Talk to us about our exceptional talent attraction service.
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