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Cturtle uses AI to attract and retain exceptional and high-demand global talent.

Attract and Retain Exceptional and High Demand Global Talent

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Cturtle uses AI to help governments attract and retain exceptional and high-demand global talent.

Cturtle is the solution to global talent shortages using proprietary AI technology backed by strategic university, corporate and government partnerships to connect top talent with international education and worldwide employment.

Case Studies

Global Talent Attraction - Nurses for UK (2022) The project was to identify and attract 45,000 skilled nurses worldwide with specific qualifications and encourage them to consider relocating to the UK through a targeted Visa program using a direct email campaign.

Global Talent Attraction - STEM Leaders for Australia The project was to identify and attract STEM Leaders as directed by the client and promote their government initiative via direct messages to 125,000 unique global talent profiles.

Global Talent Attraction - Global Subject Matter Experts The project objective involved identifying and engaging with top-tier Global Subject Matter Experts as per client specifications to promote their employment opportunities. This was achieved through a targeted outreach strategy of direct messaging to 90,000 unique and diverse global talent profiles.

Global Talent Attraction - Autonomous Vehicle Ph.D. (Singapore) The project objective was to identify and engage top-tier Autonomous Vehicle Technology Ph.D. holders as directed by the client and promote their employment opportunities through direct messages to 55,000 global talent profiles.

Government Clients include: Department of Home Affairs, Global Victoria, Singapore Global Network, Education USA, Trade and Investment Queensland as well as other partners in North America, Europe and Middle East.

Our Service

  • Discovery AI

    Our AI analyzes large amounts of employment data, discovering patterns to identify, engage and attract exceptional and high-demand talent.
  • Explore AI

    Our AI discovers new relationships in education, job, and employer data leading to opportunities for optimization and efficiency in global talent attraction and retention.
  • Optimize AI

    Our AI enables our clients to target the right candidates at the right time, with highly personalized engagement and communication, accelerating conversion rates by identifying and prioritizing opportunities and territories that are most likely to succeed.
  • Global Talent Attraction

    Promote Your Country, State or City as a top destination for high demand and exceptional knowledge economy talent from our 5.9M candidate database.
  • Research

    Conduct a sentiment survey of expatriate workers who have stopped working in your country to gain insights for talent retention policy.
  • Connect Talent & Employers

    Our JOB+ platform uses AI to connect job seekers with employers, helping complete the cycle from talent attraction and visa/immigration to employment.
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