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We are currently present across >110 airports, and are extending our services to offer first mile and last mile delivery solutions. In doing so, we strive to remain asset light. Key to this success is our ability to utilise technology to tap into an already existing pool of delivery assets — vehicles owned by people like you and I! As we scale delivery services, our intent is to widen our pool of delivery partners and enable our delivery partners to earn a decent and comfortable living from doing ‘gig work’. In the long run, ‘gig work’ is an opportunity we hope to extend not just to vehicle owners, but to sales people or even people with homes.

In order to ensure the happiness of the community of gig workers, we are looking for someone with strong empathy and a passion for developing the people around them. As a Manager of community, you will be the key person looking out for the welfare and safety of our pool of crowdsourced workers. You will be the voice of our crowdsourced community, having a strong sense of how the community is being treated and how they feel working with us. You will be playing a regional role and leading a team of 10-15 people across Southeast Asia. This role will be a full-time role and you will be reporting daily to the Head of Operations.

You will fit perfectly if you have prior experience in human resources, event management or any role involving engagement of 100 or more people. Having volunteering or social work experience across a diverse set of people (language, age, culture, gender etc.) will make you stand out in this role.


As a start up, you can expect your days to be pretty varied. Multitasking is normal, and sometimes, your skills or natural talents will be leveraged to support other business priorities. That said, the bulk of your working hours should involve you having to:

  • Identify and form critical partnerships with third-party vendors that can enhance the community experience
  • Develop systems and processes to ensure a smooth sourcing, hiring and onboarding process for the community
  • Creatively identify how to make the community a unique, supportive environment – it should be like family
  • Design community engagement channels e.g. events, dialogues, town halls – to ensure community remains heard
  • Develop a sourcing strategy that will enable us effective target our marketing to rapidly grow our community size
  • Track, monitor and improve engagement and active rates of community
  • Collaborate with the Performance & Planning team to align on sourcing targets
  • Collaborate with Delivery Operations to ensure fair treatment and welfare of communities are guarded at all times

At the onset, you may be culture-shocked working in AirAsia and with the Teleport team. To help you adapt better, we would like to share our beliefs on leadership. Put simply, you are a leader, we all are leaders and good leaders will:

  • Roll up their sleeves as needed, and never delegate work that one would not be willing to do themselves
  • Do what is needed to get things done, as they believe speed is more important than anything else to effect change
  • Over communicate, particularly as they are all quite autonomous
  • Take care of our staff, and treat them as they would want to be treated
  • Are rigid on goals, but flexible on the details


These are minimum skills requirements and a ‘must-have’ for the role:

  • Strong leadership and people management skills
  • Solid communication skills and is able to connect and empathise with a wide group of people
  • Is resourceful and a fast thinker – able to solve problems on-the-go and adapt quickly
  • Results and performance driven, preferring data to drive your everyday decisions
  • Able to operate successfully in a lean, fast-paced organization to scale quickly

These are skills that are ‘nice-to-have’ and will make you stand-out in the job application:

  • Multilingual (English, Malay, Chinese)
  • Experience engaging large groups of people


  • At least an undergraduate degree
  • More than 5 years working experience, predominantly in a people engaging role.

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