Data Analyst (Pay Later – Vietnam)


Our techstack: BigQuery, dbt, Python, Github, Google Data Studio, Plotly Dash, Airflow, Google Cloud Build
Your Job Descriptions:

  • Understand the financial service products, our customers, the market environment and the interplay between each of these. Be able to analyse how changes in any of these will affect various metrics, and come up with new metrics to guide the business.
  • Develop dashboards not just for monitoring, but to produce actionable insights that decision makers can use to steer the business.
  • Work with the business to answer tactical questions, often via our experiments platform, that will affect the development of product features.
  • Work with the business to answer strategic questions that will affect the long-term goals of the business.
  • Develop ETL pipelines within a robust framework that is highly automated and does not require a large team to maintain and monitor.
  • Understand when speed is more important than accuracy in arriving at an analytical result for the business to make a decision.
  • Enable our key stakeholders to improve their understanding and analytical power.

Our Ideal Candidates:

  • One to five years of analytics experience in an industry setting
  • You have to be curious and hungry to learn, as well as excited to share knowledge with other team members
  • Experience with large and sometimes messy data
  • Comfortable working with open-ended questions and potentially ambiguous problem statements
  • Experience in collaborating with people outside your domain to deliver impact
  • At least a Bachelor degree in a quantitative subject, e.g. finance, financial mathematics, computer science, mathematics, physics, bio-informatics, engineering
  • Strong in data manipulation and inferential statistics with Python and SQL
  • Existing business domain knowledge in any financial service product (lending/insurance/payment/etc.) is preferred but not required

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