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About the job

The “Why”

Mekong is partnering with some of the fastest-growing consumer businesses in Vietnam. Standing from the Vision of Mekong Capital and its investee companies, we are looking for motivated talent to join our Digital Transformation team to cause breakthrough results in an agile environment. Our commitment is to build the best BI & Data analytics capability in Vietnam.

We consider ourselves as high-performance team players, the engine of growth, digital transformers and accelerator of breakthrough performance.

The Role

The Data Science Consultant will partner with internal key stakeholders at Mekong Capital and brings a high level of curiosity, inquisitiveness, and great attention to detail.

This role requires strong technical and analytical skills in order to succeed:

  • Strong inquisitive and curious mind for hypothesis testing, clustering, application of different statistical models and eventually machine learning and deep learning capabilities
  • Experience using a variety of data and statistical models such as:
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • Log Transformation
    • Log Linear Model
    • Factor Analysis
    • Co-variant matrix
  • Strong technical skills
    • Python or
    • R SQL
  • Work with different senior stakeholders well (C- & Director Level) to get their underlying intention(s) to derive insightful discoveries to optimize key outcomes for the fund and its portfolio companies
  • Able to present the derived insights and recommendations in simple and plain business language (in collaboration with BI/Data Analyst team)
  • Work & operate in an agile environment and participate in all agile ceremonies

What you will need

Ways Of Beings

Being an inquisitive team member with a data-driven mindset

  • Continuously testing of hypothesis and optimization of key outcomes of our investment framework model
  • Expert at testing and applying a range of statistical and ML models, extracting relevant data and building a validation framework to ensure the models are accurate and reliable · Strong fit with our core values.
  • Continuous optimization mindset and identifying any technology opportunity to be tested and applied for data science applications
Experience & Expertise

We prefer character over skills – for this position we do require strong fundamental & technical skills to succeed in this position:

  • Master Degree (and/or Ph.D. candidate) with min. 3 years of industry experience and professional experience in Data Science
  • The wealth of practical expertise in using different data & statistical models for a range of application
  • Strong experience with a proven track record in clustering, time series modeling, optimization, hypothesis testing and optimization of structured and unstructured data set

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