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Market Network for Global Talent

Cturtle believes Career Outcomes will be the driving force in the future of education.
Cturtle takes a data-driven approach in three critical stages of the student and alumni education and employment journey.


Course Selection

Career Courses uses big data and AI on the employment outcomes of over 1.5 international alumni to help future students make better study choices. www.careercourses.co


First Job

JOB+ uses alumni employment data to introduce graduates to hiring managers. Helping them get that critical “foot in the door" with employment opportunities. JOB+ solves the “who you know" problem that is a major hurdle for international students looking for post study employment opportunities. www.job-plus.co 


Global Employment

iGlobal Talent use big data and NLP AI to help governments, employers, and universities to identify, engage and attract global talent, maximizing the employment outcomes of international alumni globally. www.iglobaltalent.com

The Market Network for International Education

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There is a global shortage of skills and talent with an estimated 84M skilled people shortfall by 2030 that will cost the global economy US$8.5 trillion.

Cturtle is the market network for international higher education connecting students and universities with jobs and alumni globally.

Market networks are unique and combine the strong network effects, defensibility, and scalability of direct networks like LinkedIn or Facebook together with the services and products of marketplaces.

Cturtle uses AI and alumni employment data to significantly improve university success through: Student Attraction, Graduate Success (Employment), Alumni Engagement, and Industry Partnerships.

Market Networks are designed to acknowledge that each partner provides a core solution to the community, and each member brings unique opinions, expertise, and relationships to the network.

Partner with Cturtle and connect your university, government or company with 3.5M+ potential students and alumni and over 500K+ industry partners worldwide.

  • 1.57M+

    International Alumni

  • 1.3M+

    Jobs Advertised

  • 500K+

    Industry Partners

  • 3.98M+


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Found by employers communicate directly with hiring managers and recruiters.