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Graduate Jobs for international students in Canada

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Canada

Looking for graduate jobs for international students in Canada? Our JOB+ helps international students get graduate jobs in Canada.

There are over 50,000 outstanding job opportunities for recent graduates in Canada!

Canada has an international student population of over 156,000 with the majority hailing from Asia, especially China and India. Canada’s major tech firms have partnered to offer over 3,000 graduate jobs to high-potential international applicants interested in working in technology.


If you’re interested in working in Canada, you might want to know that the jobs that Canadian companies are looking to fill often get too many applications. That means your odds of getting an interview might be slim.

Eligible candidates can apply for jobs at various companies as per their interests, and they’ll also be able to work in Skills Development Program positions for up to 4 months. It also allows graduates to stay in Canada and helps companies fill thousands of job vacancies.

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Canada

We help graduates design a profile and get matched with jobs that match what they are looking for. Moreover, our JOB+ will help you design your resume and gain more experience to apply for your dream job.

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The jobs will set you up with the job experience that will help you find a job in Canada after graduation. The program helps international students find graduate jobs in Canada, which will give them valuable work experience.

JOB+ provides the perfect solution for you to work in Canada. You will have access to us as your support during your employment.


The JOB+ is powered by Cturtle – a data company and employment network for graduates globally. Since 2016 we have helped over 50,000 international students connect with internships and graduate jobs.

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