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Helping International Students Navigate Career Options

When you study abroad as an international student, you have the option of concurrently working for international employers!However, how can you secure your first internship or employment in a foreign country?Where can you obtain valuable job advice for overseas students? Cturtle is here to assist you!This tutorial will teach you […]

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Best Career Services Tools for International Students

International students are increasingly interested in studying abroad and the career opportunities offered by multinational companies. Many global employers have dedicated resources to connect with these prospective candidates to cater to these ever-growing numbers of international students and employees.  The Market Network for International Education The Internet is a great […]

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How to hire international graduates in Canada – a guide for employers

Hiring Foreign Workers? Here Are Some Employer Options Canadian employers can hire either permanent or temporary foreign workers. If you are a Canadian employer looking to hire a foreign worker permanently, the worker will need to obtain Canadian permanent residence. Several fast-track options are available to the employee, which quickly […]

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Net Promoter Score for Country of Education – North American Universities

Do international graduates recommend the USA and Canada to future international students?  The team at Cturtle recently surveyed 2,353 international graduates of North American universities and asked them about their experience and overall satisfaction with studying abroad and their employment outcomes once they had returned to home countries in ASEAN, Greater China and South […]

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