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Different Work Positions for Data Science Experts

If you’re looking to take your data science career in a different direction, have a look at our new infographic, which shows the different job roles for data scientists or data analysts.

Data Scientists

A Data Scientist plays a crucial role in any organisation. However, this role can vary depending on the industry and what areas they choose to specialise in. Although there are several different jobs inside and outside of an organisation, a typical day will primarily consist of performing data analysis on specific data sets or in conjunction with internal and external datasets. From there, they come up with ways to turn those findings into practical solutions for the company.

Data Analyst

Analytics does not happen overnight, which is why exceptionalist consultants “Big Data Analytics rungs” have begun to appear to help individuals who wish to distinguish themselves in this area of endeavour.

Analysing data to figure out a market trend is the role of a Data Analyst. Firstly, he helps in providing a clear picture of the company’s standing in the market. Then, once the desired goal is set by a company, a Data Analyst provides datasets to achieve the essential purpose. A good part of this analysis takes place in specialised spreadsheet software used for creating a spreadsheet which allows him to find correlations between variables.

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Data Engineer

Data Engineers are the backbone of any company; they enable their organisation to grow using new and innovative technologies and solutions through innovation. Data Engineers work with the organisation’s core and can be considered the backbone of a company. Therefore data Engineers are the builder, designer, and manager of an extensive database. They are also in charge of building data pipelines, enabling correct data flow and ensuring the relevant departments’ data. They can also play a pivotal role in many business operations. Their primary responsibility will be to cross-functional teams to identify and foster new technologies, strategies, and processes to better use data in a company.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst helps analyse the collected data to maximise the company’s efficiency, hence generating more profits. Their role is more technical in nature than analytical, requiring more knowledge of popular machines. They have to serve as a bridge between business and IT, helping them improve and possessing knowledge of a specific industry and industry trends.

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Marketing Analyst

The role of a marketing analyst is to assist companies in their marketing division. In particular, they analyse and suggest which product to produce in large quantities and which product to discontinue. Monitoring customer satisfaction reports help in improving existing products and services. Finally, they decide which products to sell with the targeted customers and at which price. Marketing analysts perform a wide array of services for businesses, from customer service to content creation. As technology evolves, so do marketing strategies – this is why it’s essential to keep up with the latest resources available for your company.