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Best Career Services Tools for International Students

International students are increasingly interested in studying abroad and the career opportunities offered by multinational companies. Many global employers have dedicated resources to connect with these prospective candidates to cater to these ever-growing numbers of international students and employees. 

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The Internet is a great place to find information about studying in the USA, UK, or Australia. But what if you’re looking for job search assistance? International students have many questions when they first come to a new country and need help with their resume or CV, finding jobs and internships, networking, etc. Luckily, several tools are available online to help international students with their careers in the USA, UK, and Australia.

In this article, you’ll discover the top 4 career services tools worldwide employers use to stay connected with talented people worldwide.


JOB+ helps international students, fresh graduates and alumni to easily find jobs in the local community where they studied at. With over 350,000+ hiring managers, who have hired international students before, registered on their platform, it is the world’s largest international student employment database.

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Cturtle is a unique job platform that specializes in international students, international graduates and international alumni looking to connect with top employers worldwide. Cturtle has made 250,000+ connections between students and employers since it launched globally in 2016. With Cturtle, you can find jobs with Google, Unilever and Johnson & Johnson.

Career Accelerators

Career Accelerators utilize technology to bridge the gap between college and industry, providing real-world experience for students. Students in the program will get a competitive edge after graduation by being able to put the skills they learn in class into practice with a local employer who provides classroom time for mentoring and training.

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Career Accelerators Asia

Accelerate your job search with the Career Accelerator Asia. Exclusive access to internship opportunities and resume workshops helps you build professional skills, while career development workshops and services help prepare you for full-time employment. From interview preparation to career counselling, learn to accelerate your way to success in the global job market.

We hope this list of career and job resources for international students has helped you find the information you were looking for. We are always happy to hear about new sites that might better serve our global audience. Please let us know at