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International Student Graduate Program

International Student Graduate Program

Do you want to find graduate jobs in foreign countries but have no idea where to start? Here is how to get started! There’s a new program that helps international students get graduate jobs to work overseas. So if you are an international student and interested, scroll down.

1. International students difficulties

According to a recent survey in the international student community, one of the most typical and common fears of graduates is unemployment. The reason is quite diverse. Some students said they are afraid that they don’t have enough work experience. Others believe that international students will face more disadvantages than local students when looking for jobs in their host countries.

The differences in language and culture are also a barrier. Company culture differences are significant in some countries, especially between eastern and western cultures. Although international students have had time to experience culture since college, the working environment is completely different.

So the question is clear. “How to reduce difficulties for international students and help them find their dream graduate jobs?”

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2. Career Accelerator Program

If you’ve ever dreamt of entering a foreign job labour market, now is your chance to jumpstart your career. Firstly, leverage your global experience and realize your potential by participating in an overseas internship. Secondly, gain access to foreign markets, meet managers and other professionals from diverse countries and obtain visa sponsorship for several locations.

Jobs for international students with the JOB+ powered by Cturtle. Cturtle helps international students get graduate jobs in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR, India, MENA & Latin America.

International Student Graduate Program - Cturtle Awards

JOB+ connects university students, graduates and alumni with over 350,000+ local, regional and global hiring managers and recruiters using alumni employment data.

JOB+ gets international students and graduate jobs globally including in India, Greater China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The JOB+ platform is available to our university partner students, graduates and alumni in the following locations:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR, India, MENA & Latin America.

So please find out more about our JOB+