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How to find a job as an international student

How to find a job as an international student

As the world is in a challenging situation, finding jobs for international students becomes challenging. It is difficult for international students, who do not have any local contacts or knowledge, to find a decent job in a short period of time.


In some recent surveys, two out of five international students struggle to find job in their field after graduation.

Why you should put your career first and get into a career accelerator!

As a new student, you don’t have work experience, how can you convince recruiters to hire you? If you find yourself unemployed after studying abroad, don’t worry! International students can get access to valuable experience before their final semester abroad, while at the same time strengthening their knowledge of the host country language.

Many companies want to hire international students. You’ll learn how to land a job, even if your company is hesitant to take a chance on someone with no work experience (you have the advantage of being trainable!).

Here are the tips we provide to help international students find their first job in any foreign countries that you are currently living and working.

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Awareness of your rights and responsibilities

International students are often confused about their rights and responsibilities in the host country. This is from the lack of understanding of the laws and regulations of that country. International students have the right not to suffer disadvantages in their workplace if they do understand the law. Therefore, you will have rights around minimum pay, leave entitlements, and workplace health and safety, as a worker.

Effective job search plan

Allow time for your job search, including putting aside time to learn about the recruitment process, researching your target industry, potential employers and the local job market. So this will allow you to make better decisions and demonstrate that you know the company well. Set target for yourself will help you follow up your plan better.

Network connection

Many jobs are found through word of mouth. People say “who you know” is important, so this is why it is helpful to build your personal network. LinkedIn is also a potential social network to develop your career. Therefore you can set up a LinkedIn profile and join active groups for international students and graduates. Therefore this is the best place to find out who these potential employers are, and how to connect with them.

Selling points as an international student

Think of the employability skills you have to offer employers and any attributes that will help determine your value as an employee. Also some interesting selling points are language skills, cultural sensitivity, knowledge of foreign markets, or the adaptation to the new environment. You can have a huge advantage over other candidates when seeking a job for international students if you can convince them that you have the skills they’re looking for.

Preparation and practice

Demonstrate evidence of your relevant capabilities and the value you will bring to the company. Use your research to demonstrate your interest in the position and company. Know your strengths and prepare to talk about your relevant skills, experience, and professional interests. Moreover, you can practice talking fluently before a job interview.

Above all, stay positive, be persistent, learn from feedback and keep your options open. You never know when your opportunity will come and if it does, you are ready to take it.

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